Sport is a language spoken only with the signs of the body. There are many sporting events that encompass many sports, such as the Olympics.

One of my favourite sports is wrestling. It can be defined as a kind of entertainment in which athletic and theatrical performance is combined. Its origin derives from martial arts with the addition of spectacular maneuvers. In the end, whoever really wants to win will have to pin the opponent by making him keep his shoulders against the ring, or subdue him with grips on the ankles or neck.

Today there are people who believe that wrestling is fake and others who believe that it is all true. Reading some comments on wrestling, there are many more people who believe it is fake. The truth is that every single match or event is scheduled, that is, the management decrees the winner before playing the match.

The athletes try to protect each other so as not to get injured or hurt too much. Obviously, many maneuvers hurt but the wrestlers have the task of enduring any pain. Citing some current champions, I can think of: Drew McIntyre the world champion, Roman Reigns the universal champion, while for the women’s division: Sasha Banks, the Smackdown champion or Asuka, the Raw champion. The two main World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) rosters.



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