Why is travel so important? Which are the main benefits?

Travelling is one of the few things for which you spend money but you become richer. Discover new cultures, and traditions, and talking with people with different points of view from yours open your mind in an incredible way.

Certainly, there are several benefits:

First of all, I would say that travelling makes you happier by getting you away from your daily grind. But also, on the other hand, travel makes you happier in another way… According to a study by Amit Kumar, Matthew A. Killingsworth, and Thomas Gilovich from Cornell University, that money spent on doing something will leave you with a longer-lasting sense of happiness than money spent on having something. In fact, without a doubt travelling let you disconnect and recharge, relieving stress and anxiety. It is a real cure for your mental health.

There is evidence to suggest that another important benefit is the fact that travelling exposes others to new things, opens their mind and their close mentality. We are surrounded every single day by a lot of people, and at least we could learn many things from others and their experiences. It takes also to boost our creativity, this explains why a lot of artists find inspiration only by travelling.

In conclusion, as far as I’m concerned I would say that travelling is something really beautiful that every one of us should do. We should stop collecting material things and rather start collecting moments, alone, with our friends or our family. All of us should understand that life is a godsend, and we only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough.

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Sonia Rossello


4°B Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


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