You all probably know what “Black Lives Matter” means, but if you don’t I’ll explain it in a few words.

BLM is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. Racism is quite common in every country! But why do people act like this? Well, I don’t know. I believe it’s really  sad how people behave against black people! A lot of children and teenagers are bullied because of their  skin color.

 I think you all know what happened last year. George Floyd, was killed while being held for using counterfeit money. A police officer that had him under custody, to keep him in place put a knee on George’s neck for nine and a half minutes, while the other police officers whatched him! He was soffocated.

There are a lot of other stories related to this phenomenon! We hope that one day there will be no other stories like this one.

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Daniele Najara


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