Eubiotics consists in a group of rules to be followed to live well. These rules are generally and mostly dictated by common sense and they could be easy to follow. Unfortunately, this is not always posssible! It concerns above all food. When we say of coming back to good, healthy and natural food, we do not mean that we should go back to ancient times or habits, but just have a correct style of life. Most people who hear about natural food immediately think of a tasteless mixture of ingredients, but this is not true. We can’t deny that with eubiotics a great deal of tasty food disappears and consequently tasty meals are reduced!! But the advantages are enormous for our healthy. The rules of eubiotics are simple. Firstly, the use of genuine and fresh food, which means not to submit food to manufacturing processes which destroy vital substances. Secondly, it means to preserve some products by the addition of chimica substances or by ultraviolet rays or other dangerous substances which could not be eaten by humans. Finally, it means to improve the aspect of the product and make its quality better.

Of course, none of these rules can be taken literally, because today hardly anything is natural or free from chimical additives any longer. However, if we become accustomed to choosing integral products, which means product which have not deprived of any vital principle through sterilazation, for example, or we avoid excesses of fats ad sugars, or pay attention to chimical additions to food, we may at least hope to live as well as you can.

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Giada Sofia Muscia


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