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With the arrival of the Internet, our habits have changed, as has our way of retrieving information. Most of us before proceeding with a purchase (an iPhone, a trip, beauty products) search the online opinions of other users; for example, Tripadvisor, Sephora, Amazon, and many other sites have built a business on online reputation. That’s why today, more than ever, web reputation is a fundamental element for success. To give a brief definition of web reputation we can say that it is the reputation that a company, a brand, a product, or a person has online, and it is created by everything that is said and shared on the web. When you consider the reputation of a company you will talk about business web reputation, while when you consider that of a person you will talk about personal web reputation

This year for example because of the Covid I did not have the opportunity to go to physical stores or shopping centers so I started to buy many products online. Amazon, for example, was one of the sites that I used the most to make gifts, and before buying a product I made sure that the reviews made by other users were positive and that therefore the product was of good quality. Only in this way, I realize that web reputation is fundamental for many companies. Speaking of personal web reputation, I realized that many politicians or influencers of fashion or tourism live for reviews and to have a good personal reputation in the media marketing of social networks. Web reputation is in fact very important from a business point of view and having a bad reputation on the web, can lead to missing the opportunity to get the interview or the job that you wanted so much Instagram for me is a great way to explain what personal web reputation is. I follow many Italian and foreign influencers and an example is Chiara Ferragni. Her job and earn are based on the reputations of her followers in fact if she makes even a small mistake her career can be put at risk.

According to recent research, 41% of consumers read online reviews and customer ratings before buying a product or service. If consumers speak well on the web, they can quickly conquer potential buyers and grow more easily. If there are negative opinions on a business or service on the web, potential new customers may be deterred from not going to a restaurant or buying a dress in an online store…To have a good web reputation it is important to offer quality products or services, manage your online presence well, constantly monitor your online reputation and strengthen your brand reputation, brand position, and brand identity, developing the right strategies to grow your business. We must never forget that any content is published online, any negative or positive comments will always be available to the user (Verba volant, web manet) in fact to face any pitfalls on the most harmful side of the web, First Aid counters are being created to combat the negative effects of social media. There is also provision for appropriate training and monitoring of reputations in schools.

In conclusion, I believe that each of us must be careful what he does on the web because all our actions, reviews, and searches will remain forever stored on the server and you can not go back into the deep!!!

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Claudia Caruso


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