The expression gender violence indicates all forms of violence from psychological to physical and sexual, from persecutory acts of stalking to rape or to femicide which affect a very large number of people discriminated on the basis of sex. Violence negatively affects the victim’s physical, mental and sexual health. The consequences on the woman can be serious and they can determine the inability to work, but also the inability to take care of themselves and their children.

Any form of abuse is considered violence and it can manifest itself physically, mentally and sexually.

Physical violence includes the use of actions to hurt or scare. These attacks can be kicks and punches, but sometimes they can also be addressed on something the person cares about, such as animals. Severe physical assaults include injuries and therefore they require emergency medical attention.

In case of abuse, psychological violence is always present: it is the first that manifest itself and it is the one that allows the development of other forms; it is less visible than the other forms because it does not show marks on the skin. Includes psychological abuse such as intimidation, humiliation, both public or private, and blackmail, the victims reach the point of not being able to choose nothing and have social relations, therefore they distance themselves from friends and relatives to isolate themselves.

Sexual violence includes all sexual activities without consent. The sexual act or unwanted comments against a person are indicated by the use of coercion; coercion happens when someone does something against his will because he is forced or threatened to do so.

Violence against women is a health problem and it is also a violation of human rights.

November 25th is the international day for the elimination of violence against women in the world, on this day governments are invited to organize activities to raise awareness around the world on public opinion in the violation of human rights.

“Orange the world: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!” is the theme of the 2020 day, at the center of the UNITE 2020 campaign, promoted by UN Women, a United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. As in previous years, the International Day launched 16 days of activism which ended on 10 December with International Human Rights Day. The hashtags launched by the Onu for the day are: #GenerationEquality #orangetheworld #16days and #spreadtheword.

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