Videogames are becoming more and more popular among people of all ages, especially for teenagers and children. They are so successful because they are very fun and entertaining. There are a lot of videogames so you can choose the one you prefer and play it to relax yourselves or play in company with your friends. In fact, when you play videogames you can also speak and interact with other people who are playing with you. It is very fun because you work as a team and I think that playing with other foreign people can improve your English skills.

Most teenagers play videogames as a way to escape from reality. This can be positive sometimes because you can take a break and relax yourselves but it can also be dangerous because some people do not distinguish reality from fantasy anymore. Very often videogames, especially for children and teenagers, become an addiction and they play for hours and hours a day, losing their contact with reality and with other people. Sometimes videogames can also increase violence, but another big problem is that they are very expensive. A new videogame costs about €60. I find it too much.

To conclude I can say that, also from my experience, videogames are very entertaining and interesting and you can really enjoy yourselves playing them but, when you start to play, it is difficult to stop and probably you may become addicted, so don’t go too far with them!

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Matteo Catrini


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