There are no walks, volleyball games, cinema, hugs and laughter. Squares are empty and streets are deserted. London, Paris, Milan have their lights on but everything looks like an immense lifeless desert. There is a lack of companions, neighbourhood friends and meetings in general. Young people in silence, teenagers are strong and resistant prisoners in a room in front of a computer. Their eyes have no colours and express the lack of hope.

The virus kills hope. It sows terror and loneliness. It is a traumatic experience: frail and bored young people are engaged in chatting and eating snacks. They live at night and watch TV series.  Online shopping and distance learning are among their activities.  But everything doesn’t come with a click…

 Help! The world has stopped. From the digital age to the pandemic, we have made a big leap!

We will be responsible and survive, but what will we leave behind? Will we find a meaning for the future?

It is not easy but it is necessary to be committed and look forward by gaining strength from this terrible experience, which can teach everyone that, despite all, one can remain united in affections.

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Gaia Bruno


I A Liceo Classico
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