The “School Fashion Week” project took place at High School
“IIS Medi”, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina, Sicily).
It was born from an idea of a small group of students and their collaboration.

Its purpose was to wear different outfits
connected to a specific theme every day of the week.
First of all, we decided to use the social media in order to
make all students participate and share the project as much
as possible.

In fact we established to exploit the use of social media so
that the same students who would participate, could choose and vote
the best outfits and also comment and share opinions and
ideas with other people.
Another motivation of this choice is that today social
networks are largely used by young people and consequently
this technological method of communication was the most suitable at
the situation.

After giving the possibility of choice, the outcome of the themes was
achieved : elegant clothes on Monday, black and white theme on Tuesday, vintage clothes on Wednesday, pajamas on Thursday! While on Friday
students ewere expected to wear as their favourite tv series/film characters.
Therefore it was created the project poster!

Because of the alternation of online meetings and face-to-face lessons, the
activity lasted two weeks. The first one from 1st to 5th of March and
the second week from 8th to 12th March. In this way, all
students of all classes had the opportunity to participate.

This activity was very successful, not only among the
students but also among the teachers and the principal of
school who accepted it positively.
About the guys mostly, they were very enthusiastic about
this initiative because it was a news that had not yet been
presented in other schools of the city.

All the students felt involved in this project, as if we were all in one
class without any walls or barriers. In addition to the success inside the school, the initiative was also appreciated by the local press.

For this reason, the editor of a local newspaper proposed an interview to
some guys of school who explained in what the project consisted of
and also how it was organized. Thanks to this interview, our project could have a great impact in the whole territory!

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