If you have never visited the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Tindari before, now is the time to go there. The sanctuary of the Black Madonna is located in Tindari, a small town in the comune of Patti, which is part of the metropolitan city of Messina. It rises on the top of Mount Tindari and dominates the Marinello lakes inserted in the homonymous nature reserve.

Do you know the history of this sanctuary?

Now I’ll take care of letting you know about it!

The history of the ancient sanctuary dates back to the time when Tindari was the seat of the diocese. Between 1552 and 1598, in the easternmost area of the acropolis of Tyndaris, the sanctuary was built overlooking the sea and soon became a famous pilgrimage destination. Moreover, the historians are not able to say with certainty whether the ancient sanctuary was erected on the remains of a primitive temple linked to the cult of Ceres or other divinities; thus, in 1957, the Bishop Monsignor Pullano commissioned the construction of a new and larger church.

Are you curious to know about the legend of this Madonna and, therefore, also of this sanctuary?

You will be amazed!

It is said that a woman who came to the shrine to worship the Virgin, that had granted her the grace of healing her seriously ill daughter, was disappointed by her dark complexion. Shortly after that, the girl suddenly fell out of the window of the ancient sanctuary and ended up in the sea after falling some 268 meters. Then the mother went back to pray to the Black Virgin and the miracle happened: the little girl was found and saved by a sailor on a stretch of land, where the Marinello lakes are located today. Furthermore, on 8 September 2018, the sanctuary was raised to a minor Basilica by Pope Francis and the feast of the Black Madonna is also celebrated on 8 September.

Stories from pilgrims:

  1.  ANTONIO MATERIA was interviewed in Tindari: “My grandfather always said that in 1957 he and other people joined together to help build the church”.
  2.  NINA FIORE was interviewed in Tindari: “I had a tumor and I always prayed to this Madonna, also offering gifts, this Madonna listened to my prayers and the miracle happened”.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying: “whoever wants to spend a holiday in Tindari should definitely go.”

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