If you have never visited the town of Paternò before, now it’s time to go there. It is located in the southwestern side of the volcano Etna, which seems to protect the town and its inhabitants with its large arms. Paternò is an archaelogical site and famous for its natural beauty. The Norman Castle dominates the town, showing the visitors its beauty, its history and majesty. Rising as a symbol of the city, the tower was part of a castle built in 1072 by the Great Count Ruggero to guarantee the protection of the Simeto valley from the Islamic incursions. At first it was a military fortress and then it was it was used for civil uses and in the following years of 1195 the Castle hosted kings and queens, including Frederick II of Swabia, Queen Eleonora d’Angiò and Queen Bianca of Navarre. . After 1431 it belonged to the Speciale family and from 1456 until the end of feudalism it was owned by the Moncada family. Used as a prison in the eighteenth century, the process of decay and abandonment began, but since the end of the nineteenth century it has seen several restoration campaigns that have restored its ancient beauty. Today the castle remains a solid and majestic structure that can be visited and is the symbol of the town of Paternò. A lot of histories and traditions are part of the castle. Real or unreal they give charm and mystery to many centuries of history.

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Samuele Tartaro