Music has always represented the simplest, most direct way to bring people together. A famous one was the Woodstock music festival in 1969, where thanks to songs, thousands of young people were able to express ghiera pacifist ideals, in stark contrast to the political falsehood of the time and against the violence of war. Their slogan is still remembered today, it was “Peace and Love”. 
There are many musical genres scattered around the world, ranging from Christian gospel to rock music, from opera to rap, etc; it is evident that each music genre represent a bit the ideals, style, and even the personality of the group who created it. Like us young people love to listen to the same music and feel part of a small community. I truly believe that music has great power that’s keeping generations of various nations and cultures in touch.
I remember that during a Christmas play, at primary school, My classmates and I sang the beautiful Michael Jackson song “Heal the world”, the words of the song are a hymn to the rebirth of the world, to joy, to purity, to the hope of a better future for us young people.  This song struck me a lot, it gave me a sense of solidarity, it makes me aware of that peace in the world must not remain just a message, that each of us can make a difference. Unfortunately the last Year 2020 was characterized by a global pandemic that forced everyone to stay indoors for a long time, but nevertheless, our hope in a better future was not lost.  So many Times flash mobs have been organized from the balconies where people sang the same song in chorus, at the same time.  It was the way we could encourage each other and feeling closer.  We felt together in spite of being physically distant and thanks to music this could happen.  Music has an enormous and wonderful power.

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