Italy has the largest number of UNESCO sites, it is the first country of the European Union by the number of rooms and the fifth country in the world for international arrivals with over fifty million arrivals. It is evident that the tourist-receptive sector is a strategic sector for the economy of the country if properly managed and supported with targeted public policies.

Our country remains one of the great tourist destinations with one of the largest and highest quality accommodations on the market today. It is confirmed as the leading country in Europe, occupying first place for the number of hotel rooms (more than one million) and third place (after Spain and Germany) for the number of overnight stays in hotels (over 262 million). Italy is the European country with the greatest capacity to attract tourists from outside the EU, with 33.6 million overnight stays in hotels, followed by the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

The hotel system is proving to be increasingly strategic also due to its ability to attract capital, largely international, destined for the recovery and enhancement of existing buildings, converting and regenerating real estate assets, replacing other less profitable asset classes.                                             

Hotel companies are accommodation facilities with unitary management, organized to provide the public with accommodation, ancillary services, and possibly bar and restaurant services, such as:

Hotels, BedandBreakfast, Motels, Botels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments, Hostels, Apartment Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Condominium Hotels, Eco Hotels, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, Pensions.

The most luxurious hotels are 4 and 5-star hotels and offer high-quality service. They are typically elegant and refined and offer luxury accommodations, fine dining, lounge, bar, and 24-hour room service. They will also have several room options, including suites. All rooms will have Wi-Fi or another type of Internet connection. The rooms and suites also feature premium bedding, linens, and many amenities. Also available at these facilities are swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, concierge services, extensive business facilities, multiple restaurants, and valet parking. 5-star hotels, on the other hand, are hotels that offer the highest level of comfort, luxury, and service. They are known for their superb hospitality, excellent architecture, interior design, landscaping, and exquisite taste. These hotels also offer gourmet food and an elegant setting in all rooms, public spaces, and outdoor gardens. High-quality bedding, flooring, numerous amenities, high-speed internet, 24-hour room service, butler service, original wall art, and elegant room decor can be found in these hotels. They also offer luxury spa services, gymnasium, parks, fitness centers, tennis courts, business centers and meeting rooms, multiple pools. In Italy, there are pros and cons of these hotels, it depends on the stars they have, on the place where you are, on the reviews that are positive or not. However, what makes the main “difference” is the price. Whether it’s the superlative care in a five-star hotel or the average luxury four-star service, it will all take a toll on the per person per night rate you have to pay. However, there are cases where both hotels go beyond monetary gain and offer their customers a memorable experience

The hotel industry is a sector that operates in annual cycles punctuated by the seasons. Generally, the months of November to March are off-peak times for hoteliers. Between June and the end of August, the turnout is at its peak, it is the high season. Seasonality is a phenomenon that derives from two factors. Firstly, climatic factors bring together all the elements related to the environment and nature, that is, the seasons. This factor is responsible for the periods of tourist presence in certain destinations. In the mountains, seasonality is very marked, with most sales in winter, while summer is a much quieter period. The situation is reversed for seaside destinations.

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