It has certainly happened to you that you wanted to experiment with new recipes or you didn’t remember some quantities of ingredients of that dessert you liked so much as a child: there are still those who use the old grandmothers’ cookbooks but now everyone prefers to try a cooking site out.

One of the most visited websites by Italians is undoubtedly GialloZafferano, a website with free access where thousands of recipes are available divided into categories, accompanied by photos and videos, all well explained and with simple procedures to follow. We can find any type of recipe, from traditional to innovative ones, simple and quick, but also more complex one. On the website we can also find a “Chef” section dedicated to the recipes of some of the most famous Italian chefs. There is also a “Blog” section where you can share your recipes by creating your own blog.

Another site used by Italians is Cucchiaio D’Argento, where there is a wide selection of recipes and there are various articles such as ‘what to cook during Easter and Christmas’. On the website you can also buy a lot of original recipe books. There is also a section called “Le ricette di Buccia” where we can find recipes dedicated to children.

Instead, a perfect place to find the dishes of italian tradition is the website Ricette della Nonna, defined as “the portal of the good cuisine of the past”; on there we can also find the dishes that our grandparents cooked for us, taking us back to that time with our imagination. The goal of this blog is in fact to spread the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine of the past.

In conclusion, if you are looking for well-stocked sites, which can help even those who are inexperienced in the kitchen, with the certainty of an excellent result, or that can introduce you to traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, these sites are for you!

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Mayla Greco, Martina Leonardi, Chiara Torres, Chiara Veneziano.




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