A sacred moment for those who love fashion, the fashion week takes place twice a year: between January and February for the Autumn / Winter collection, between September and  October for the Spring / Summer collection.

The main cities where these shows take place are Milan, New York, London and Paris.

The first form of fashion show was born in 1903 in New York, when the ‘Erich Brothers’ store decided to show customers its collections, inspired by the models from Worth. Since the 1920s, other large shops have created fashion shows …  we remember that in 1943 Eleanor Lambert, a central figure in the world of fashion, gave birth to what became the first ‘New York Fashion Week’: ‘Press Week’.

Progressively, the fashion shows also developed in France, in fact in 1973 the fashion week was born and was held in the palace of Versailles.

Thanks to the triumph of the shows organized by the aristocrat Giovanni Battista at the Pitti Palace in Florence, ‘Fashion Week’ was born in 1958. Initially in Rome, it was only during the seventies that it moved to Milan, thus becoming ‘Milan Fashion Week’.

The first fashion shows were organized at the Milan Fair by designers such as Krizia, Missoni, Armani, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and many others. In recent years, moreover, Milan has become the scene of fashion shows of many international and Asian designers.

This year, the fashion week took place from 23 February until 1 March, due to Covid-19, through direct streaming and thanks to the Urban Vision mega screens located in Piazza San Babila, Milan; Via Condotti, Rome; Times Square, New York.

61 fashion shows and 57 presentations with brands from all over the world were held, the latter began with a tribute to the deceased president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Beppe Modenese. 

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