Won’t Italy really participate in the World Cup?

Will it be left out?

The memorable defeat of the Italian National Football Team, against North Macedonia, closed the doors to the World Cup that will be held in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022.

Regarding the exclusion of the Italian National Team from the World Cup and the effects that this could have on our football today also spoke Gianni Infantino who, categorically, has put the word “end” on every possible hypothesis of rebooking.

It’s the lowest point ever in the long and glorious history of the national team. In just over 8 months, the historic triumph of Euro 2020 has been transformed into a total catastrophe. Worse than the defeats to North Korea in 1966 and South Korea in 2002. Worse than the disastrous World Cup in South Africa and Brazil. The National Team withdrew from the most important competition for the second consecutive edition.

The echo of this defeat, which has left all the Azzurri surprised and disappointed, has also arrived abroad, with the main newspapers that have dedicated space to the disaster of Mancini’s team.

After the painful defeat, the coach Mancini had watery eyes and said: Last July was the most beautiful thing I had at a professional level, this is a great disappointment: but football is this, sometimes incredible things happen that are difficult to explain. We did everything to win, some games are like this: it’s hard even to talk about it…. What happened? The victory of the European Championship was well deserved, from then on, the luck that had accompanied us turned into bad luck. It is useless, when you lose and you go out you must also know how to suffer. We dominated, there were situations that normally do not happen. At 90′ it seemed written on purpose; it is difficult to talk about. This is a team of good players; I am so sorry for them… now the disappointment is too big to talk about the future.

In the locker room of Italy, bitterly out of the World Cup, the shouts and screaming of angry players were heard, desperate for the defeat. Many returned home with tears in their eyes.

Some even slammed their fists against the lockers, others kicked the bottles, hands in their hair, jerseys thrown on the ground, for one of the worst nights of Italian football.

In 90 minutes Italy played with its heart, they tried to score by changing patterns and players. But North Macedonia earned an honest final against Portugal.

Nothing can justify what is shown by the images. An unsustainable devastation that represents how much the blue group degraded as a whole. A very bad figure made by the players.

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