Nowadays, videogames are an important part of our lives, especially for us teenagers who spend entire hours playing. Now, thanks to technological evolution we can play directly on the internet  with our devices by accessing sites such as Steam, PlayStation Now, or Xbox Game Pass instead of buying the discs that were often broken or second-hand when we got it in some game shops. However, you must also pay attention to the sites you choose as some less secure can be fake and carry viruses that would irreversibly damage your computer and disclose your private data online

But what are the safest sites to buy video games? Steam for example ( is good to buy video games because thanks to its application we can install the games directly on the computer and therefore avoid having the disc shipped; it is also famous for its sales and free weekends when they offer games for free for the whole weekend, but also for its affordable prices and the variety of games on the market. Another reliable site is Instant Gaming ( which allows you to buy games at really bargain prices; buying from this site is really very convenient as you can find games that have just been released or that just need to be released. Then there are other sites such as Playstation now (, Xbox game pass (, Ubisoft + (  and Google stadia (  where you can play video games in streaming without downloading them on your computer or console; thanks to this method it is possible to play without even filling up the computer memory and to play a huge catalog of games.

Of course these sites are not the only good ones of this kind, but they are  definitely the most reliable, so if you are interested you should check it out!



Gioele D’Angelo, Simone Gaeta, Marco Gibilisco, Matteo Liberti, Samuele Salerno.


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