The election campaign between technology and society, a president to be appreciated.

The election campaign is the set of political propaganda activities carried out by political parties, movements, and civic lists in favor of their candidates to any elected office, aimed at gaining the confidence of voters and convincing them to grant their vote, typically through electoral promises.

The tools through which propaganda can be carried out are rallies, participation in television broadcasts, dissemination of content through other media (e.g. social media), posters, delivery of gadgets and leaflets, etc.

The biggest mistake that can be made is to underestimate the time factor, that is, to start campaigning only a few months before the vote. In Italy the election campaign is governed by several laws: n.212 of 4 April 1956, n.515 of 10 December 1993, n.28 of 22 February 2000.

During the campaign for the 2018 general election, the 5 Stars Movement had announced that Giuseppe Conte would be proposed as Minister for Public Administration in case of victory.

Conte, current former Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, has decided to act well ahead of schedule. Giuseppe Conte passed with great skill from one pole to another of the left-right continuum, first signed the safety decrees with Salvini, and then dispensed funds of welfare with Zingaretti. An ambiguity that makes him the king of the transformists of Italian politics, a scenario that can destabilize the citizens, that’s why Conte decided to act; and his election campaign begins. Giuseppe Conte was appointed to form a new government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on 31 May 2018, to whom the same day he proposed the list of ministers. The government won the confidence of the Senate of the Republic on 5 June 2018 with 171 votes in favour, 117 against, and 25 abstentions. When we talk about a Christian Democrat count we do not only do it to make fun of his figure but above all to emphasize his spirit of dynamic centrism that had been lacking in the Italian scenario for a long time. In a full lockdown, the relationship of trust of the Italians is splashed on gigantic percentages, and the Italians are tied to him in a sincere and affectionate. The sympathy with which many followed him in his live TV, the irony on social media around his figure, memes, were all signs of a positive atmosphere around the leader.

Conte has tried and demonstrated in a period of great pandemic difficulty to know how to manage and hold a nation at its best not only politically but also morally approaching the people completely.

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