Pollution, particularly of rivers, seas and lakes, is a very serious ecological problems. Since the past years, scientists al lover the world have been warning us about the problems for our future generations. Rivers are so polluted that they kill fish that live in them. The Mediterranean sea is a very dirty sea. Pollution is above all dangerous to people’s healthy, because the increasing dirtiness in the water and in the air contains chimical substances which are seriously dangerous for our healthy. It is no difficult to think that the situation is getting worse day after day. Laws are very slow and even if some progress has been made so stopping great problems to the environment, there is still a lot to be changed. Actually, part of the problemi s attributed to the single citizen, when he drives a car which makes a lot of fumes, or when he throws papers or something else into the streets. These small inattentions surely contribute to pollute our life, but they are nothing if compared to the pollution of factories!! We all pay for pollution and the costs are really high!! The ecological damages are really important, but it’s up of us, if we have to devote ourselves or not to solve this problem. Our future generations depends on our responsible behaviour. Saving mother Earth means saving our future and that of subsequent generations; it means guaranteeeing that our children will be able to play freely and give thm the chance to discover the extraordinary wonders of the world. As Greta Thunberg reminds us: “ We must change now because tomorrow may be already be late”.

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Noemi Buttò


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