What teenagers always like to wear? Who influences teenage fashion? These are some questions that people do when they talk about teenagers. Fashion is surely really important for teens, but sometimes is difficult to buy whatever they want. Prices can be really high and fashion is not always as accessibile as they’d like. Teenagers everywhere love the latest fashion and want to wear the right clothes. They have always followed the trends set by their favourite singers, groups and film stars. From the break with tradition in the 1960s and in 1970s  with the miniskirt, the bell-bottom trousers, teenagers have always broken traditions to follow the trends set by their idols.

In the 1980s and 1990s fashion changed and teen wore longer skirts, jeans, hats and cargo pants.

Nowadays, in the 2020s, the miniskirt  is back in fashion and also low-cut jeans that teens love. They don’t wear jewellery as fashion and social status, but because they simply fit or they make perfect fashion accessories. Fashion influences their sociability and females more than males use fashion as an expressive vehicle of their personality. Everyone is creative in their own way.  Today we should, in my opinion, be more concerned about how we want to express ourselves through our choices, rather than worrying about being in step with new trends only to be equal to the mass.



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