I would like to introduce you a Sicilian speciality, that is the arancino or arancina.

It is a fried round or cone shaped rice ball with a lot of different and tasty fillings. In Sicily there is a battle between the western and the eastern side of the island. What is the right way to name it? Arancino or arancina?

It depends on the city where you live. For example, if you are in the area of Palermo, you call it arancina. If you are in the provinces of Catania and Messina, you call it arancino.

The most common ingredients are tomato sauce, peas, cheese, minced meat and onions. There are also two common variants; namely, the one with ham and cheese and the other one with butter.

The history of arancino is not sure. It is thought to date back to Arab domination in Sicily. Once, the arancino could be sweet due to some documents. After the arrival of some ingredients such as tomatoes, this product has changed.

While you are visiting Sicily I suggest to taste the traditional arancino. I mean that one with ragù. Moreover, it is not expensive. It depends on the cafè where you buy it, but you can usually get it for a few Euros more.

The arancino is never missing in Sicilian street food because it enriches our world famous Sicilian cuisine.



Marco Pandolfo


1AL – Liceo G. Galilei Spadafora, indirizzo linguistico
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