It certainly cannot be denied that in recent years technology has been spreading to an ever greater extent and each of us, like it or not, must somehow deal with this new reality. Not only young people, but perhaps even more so workers who have to learn to use new computer programs, partly to perform operations that were previously carried out “on paper” and partly to exploit some completely innovative features, of which in the past they did not it was possible to use. But the most important aspect we have to deal with is that of communication and, in particular, of social networks.

Another aspect to consider is the ease of registration, which often takes no more than a couple of minutes while sometimes it is even automatic. In this way people are led to enter the world of social networks even if their original purpose was another. For example, it is not uncommon to find that some sites and blogs of culture, art or simply of buying and selling access through Facebook which happens “in one click”. Undoubtedly, social networks have much more than positive aspects: they allow us to stay in touch with people who are very distant from us and to be able to communicate with them in real time, even through a “video call”, but they also allow us to exchange opinions and information. with friends as well as with complete strangers, and this is where our critical spirit must come into play.

However, many are not aware of the negative aspects that lie behind these undeniable advantages and this makes it possible to make social networks increasingly dangerous. First of all, in most cases, a published photo becomes the exclusive property of the administrators of the social network, and there have not been rare cases of the photo being sold, obviously without the “author” being aware of anything.

Another very valuable information for administrators, even if it may seem nonsense to us, are our likes and followers, because they can understand what are the trends of the moment and therefore what can influence people the most. So people must know how to use social networks consciously, because if used well they have innumerable potentials but, if used inadequately, they can go against us and turn into real weapons of destruction of our privacy and, more generally, of our person.

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