Shall we go to the cinema or just turn on the pc?

Cinemas are buildings that cater to films/movies for entertainment purposes, ideally, movies are one of the few art forms that allow people to truly experience different aspects of life from another person’s point of view.

As we all know technological development influences our lives in many ways and, of course, entertainment fields have experienced various changes throughout the decades. For this reason, cinemas are now sided by the presence of many online streaming platforms that grant almost the same services or, sometimes, even more, efficient ones. 

This happens to create discussions almost identical to the still vivid debates regarding books and e-books. On one side, many feel the need to necessarily choose between the two, meanwhile, on the other lots of individuals state that it’s not essential to take a side, and perhaps it could be more useful to use both “traditional” and “new” methods according to our needs and possibilities. Of course, it’s true that most people seem more likely to use platforms like Netflix to see the latest releases without leaving the comfort of their houses rather than going out and walking through the big doors of a nice cinema, but even in these cases, it may be possible that, on some occasions, they still might prefer going to the cinema. There could be numerous reasons as for why people could decide to go regardless of having the opportunity to click a button and swiftly view the chosen movie, perhaps sometimes the cinema’s warm atmosphere appears cozier than our houses or maybe watching a movie in a different place could make us remember it more since even though going to the cinema is simple it’s still a place that is surely seen less than our house.

In conclusion, thanks to technology as well, everyone is free to choose the best option for them but in the end, perhaps, it’d be best if we were able to make use of both alternatives without automatically precluding the other.

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Giorgia Simone


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