The Festival of Sanremo is also known as Il Festival della Canzone Italiana, the festival of Italian music. It takes place at the famous Ariston Theatre in Sanremo where for a week Italian singers and performers propose original songs, written just for the occasion. The 71st edition had a great audience and viewers even after a difficult year due to the pandemic.


Social media made the majority of the audience, in fact the hashtag #sanremo2021 was used about 253 thousand times on Twitter, the app that had 50% of the entire audience, while Instagram had 40%, Facebook 9% and lastly YouTube with 1% of the audience.

Not only young people but adults as well participated with interest and voted for their favourite singers. This is always an important occasion for adults to deal with modern music over the years.

The audience was impressed not only by the outstanding performances but also by the extravagant and perfectly put together outfits.


Even though the seats of the Ariston Theatre were empty, the festival, with a particular and rigid organization such as health safety protocols, spacings, pads and masks, was able to bring people together and make them forget just for a few nights the pandemic, vaccine, and the new cases, a topic presented daily in every Italian newscast.

People all over the world were talking about the festival because of social media, in fact celebrities like Chiara Ferragni, Fedez’s wife, contributed to increase the Festival’s viewers with her online influence.

The festival ended with the victory of the rock band Måneskin, that with stunning vocals, avant-garde looks and deep lyrics will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest.



Serena Cannino


III A Liceo Classico
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