An important and serious current problem is the global pollution. Pollution must be taken seriously, as it has a negative effect on natural elements that are an absolute need for life to exist on earth, such as water and air.

There are many types of pollution: air pollution, plastic pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, nuclear pollution and many others.

Air pollution is the introduction of harmful substances in the air that have detrimental impacts on the environment and humanity. Air pollution results from both human and natural activities. The natural causes are the volcanic eruptions, fires and eddies. But human beings produce a lot of pollution with the factories and power plants, that emit high levels of hydrocarbons into the air that form a lot of smog. Smog is harmful for humans and animals, because it irritates the eyes and compromises the respiratory tract, causing malformations and difficulties. The greenhouse effect also causes air pollution, because it produces excessive heating of the earth.

Plastic pollution is also an important problem, because many things have got a long time of biodegradability. A lot of plastic is recyclable (bottles, glasses, dishes), but many hard plastics are not recyclable (CDs, enclosures, a lot of toys). Plastics do not have a good environment impact, they pollute the seas and the soil. Many people do not throw the plastic in the plastic containers, they throw it in the sea. This is an important problem for the fish in the sea, because they eat or they get trapped in the plastics. In the Pacific Ocean there is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, it is a big island of plastic, this Island is harmful for the fish and for the environment.

Pollution is a very important problem for the word and the living beings. Many scientists are devoted to this problem, but also many teenagers and children, like Greta Thunberg. She organises many manifestations for the environment.

We can improve the future! Putting the waste in containers, not buying a lot of plastic, collecting waste from the sea, using electric cars.

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