We have certainly all heard and resented talking until exhaustion of the meaning that since 2005 has assumed the specific date of January 27. The most common definition is that this day is used as a memorial for Holocaust victims.. From my point of view there can be no more superficial and reductive definition of this, I say this for the simple reason that we all remember Jewish people who were killed, often and willingly but we forget that these people were not only killed, This is just one of the endless injustices they have had to suffer.. The thing that we don’t pay enough attention to is that before we die, these ordinary men, women, elderly people and children have suffered without interruption, they’ve been physically destroyed and even more psychologically. They were no longer human beings in those extermination camps, they no longer had an identity, they were equated with banal numbers on the chest, they lived or rather survived in there in conditions totally inhuman, united by having the same physical aspect: weak physicists, mocked faces, shaved hair, dull eyes devoid of light; both in having a sense of bewilderment, the soul worn out caused by the impotence to safeguard themselves and especially their loved ones and the hope that one day they can see and embrace the latter.. With regard to this phenomenon, many people find it pointless to bring it back to our minds every year, what these people do not understand is that such brutality, has happened and therefore it can safely happen again and in order for this to happen again it is necessary to report the facts, in such a way as to sensitize every individual, whether he is of small or mature age. And as much as we try as much as possible to reflect on the horror happened, still today, unfortunately, there are episodes of race differentiation, and this must make us reflect on the fact that despite the awareness is extended to everyone, this is not enough.. More than 70 years have passed since the event but this does not in any way authorize us to forget what has been, remember is a duty to all those people who have suffered and who have not made it, is a duty to know and make known what happened in those lagers, places where humanity ceased to exist and the absurdity lies in thinking that it was precisely human beings who designed in the smallest detail such a cruel reality, from what can be deduced as far as the human mind can go.

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Martina D’Angelo


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto