Who during the quarantine, being able to dedicate more time to themselves, has not ventured into new passions, started a diet or thought about shopping online to renew their wardrobe? 

The pandemic has completely revolutionized our lives, the world and with it the way we shop.

Pantera Lilla is a small accessories business born in one of the hardest periods of modern history due to Covid-19.

Conceived and created by Denise Popiti, it has enjoyed considerable success especially through social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

The name “Pantera Lilla” is very dear to its founder, in fact the first painting she published on the Instagram page during the pandemic portrayed a panther and was called “Incoherence” because the whole landscape was on the contrary except the animal.

 “Pantera”, however, also refers to the cute nickname given by Denise and her boyfriend to their kitten Iris.

“Lilla”, on the other hand, was chosen both for the color of the panther in the painting, which was neither purple nor pink, but also because lilac is Denise’s favorite color, which perfectly combines all this even with the name of the kitten “Iris” that recalls the lilac-colored flower.

The peak of the business, however, occurred thanks to the Ferragni phenomenon.

Chiara, one of the most famous and beloved fashion bloggers of the moment, with a simple photo of the days of the Sanremo festival showed a necklace of brooches and beads, turning gold into everything she touches .. or rather that she wears!

In fact, the accessories went in pre-order until the month of May!

The followers were immediately intrigued by this pop style, original and colorful that recalls a Kiddie Kitsch style.

The most relevant novelty of these accessories, however, is the bold style that is presented by the same motto of the brand “Be your own boss” which urges all people to get out of the box, and to express their creativity to the fullest, not following conventional fashions, and talks about how one takes one’s life in hand and makes it a job, a devotion, a motto that shouts independence, uniqueness, without any gender label.

Pantera Lilla jewels for their dynamism, exuberant colors, texture and styling have become a real trend and must-have for Spring 2021.

The proof? The same Chiara Ferragni brand “The Blonde Salad” sponsors them by making all the people who dream of an incredibly cool style full of 90s vibes take note, in fact mixing different jewels in a rainbow of colors is the rule to follow to make even the simplest outfits iconic.

Pantera Lilla is the result of hard work, dedication and perseverance that has made Denise’s art become a real work which, without any gender label, gives vent to the uniqueness and personality of the individual who creates accessories that are then beautifully crafted by her.

And what are you waiting for to become your own boss?

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