From 1992 to 1995 the first online publications were launched and the first big networks were established, but they were still prototypes. Between 1995 and 1998, Italian publishers also began experimenting in the world of the Internet, engaging in new journalism on the net. An online newspaper is a newspaper that is published via the internet, it can be information or a magazine dedicated to a specific sector (literature, art, sport, society, politics) and the writing for the web must be concise, quick, and clear. All the most important paper newspapers also have an online version, with dedicated editorial offices that have the task of integrating with in-depth investigations developed using video, audio, photos that the web provides.

In Italy, online newspapers are grouped in some trade associations including, the National Online Press Association (ANSO) and the Italian Periodic Press Union (USPI).

Some examples of popular and read online newspapers in Italy:, Blitz Quotidiano,,, Linkiesta,, Il Post, The Post Internazionale, Secolo d’Italia, Il Telegrafo e Today.

The online newspaper that I recently read and follow more is, which was founded in January 2010 with headquarters in Naples belonging to the publishing group Ciaopeople Media Group and directed by Francesco Cancellato. In May 2015, a second headquarters of the editorial staff of in Milan was opened, which also hosts Ciaopeople Advertising.

The broadcaster published by Ciaopeople is in fact one of the 5 most consulted weekly newspapers and is the only digital native in the top 5. produces different types of formats: brainfood (on music, cinema and art, Italy and current issues), Italians abroad (it is presented as an investigation in the form of a travel diary on the social and working life systems of Italians abroad), Fanpage Town (with interviews and live performances of artists of the national and international scene), Fuel – Engines of legend (on cars and motorcycles), Eating Healthy, Cooking School (a series of guides to the realization of every type of dish thanks to the explanations of some chefs) and toxicity (looks like a survey of drugs more widespread nowadays, on drug addiction and social discomfort associated with them).

I really like to read from fanpage because it is a newspaper that writes about any kind of news and innovation, from national and foreign news (politics, society and the world of work) to entertainment (literature, entertainment, music, culture, cars/engines, sports, art, cuisine, style, and trends), so it’s like reading about all the different facets of life and the whole world with a great vision of the events that happen.

Lately, there are many topics covered in the articles on but I always prefer to read topics of leisure and culture for example: “History and origins of Carnival, the meaning of the festival and traditions in the world”.”Carnival seems to have very ancient origins. In ancient Rome pagan ceremonies were celebrated in honor of the God Saturn: the Saturnalia. The God Saturn would have propitiated the beginning of the agricultural year in fact, with this anniversary, it was intended to greet the winter and welcome the spring and the fertility with the festivities, during which there was no longer difference between nobles and plebeians, thanks to the use of masks, worn as a defense against the hostile diabolical powers, with the hope that they would make the future harvest abundant…” (, with what is reported I can confirm that I have discovered

what are the true origins of this festival, traditions, masks, costumes, typical sweets, and legends related to the Carnival that I did not know before; although the Carnival may seem to everyone a fairly well-known and celebrated holiday, as with other things that happen daily in our lives, only by reading and informing us, through approved sites of truthful source, we can identify the true sense of it.

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