Do you know what a Japanese Manga is? The word “Manga” refers to a japanese comics. It comes from Japan, but recently it is well-known and has been exported all over the world. It includes a great variety of genres: from romantic and comedy, to historical, science fiction and thriller. It has a very large International audience. They are mainly printed in black and white, but there is no shortage of totally color publications less frequent than those in black and white due to the higher production costs that require coloring. The word “manga” literally means “images mocking” and it dates back to the 17th century. Apart from its childlike figures, this is not a product intended only for children and teenagers. They must be read in reverse starting from the last page and from right to left, but always from top to bottom. Generally the table is in black and white, without colors or grey scales. It is generally published in container magazines.The dialogues are present – even if the manga tends to “illustrate” and not “explain” – and are placed in variable balloons, the size of which also depends on the volume of the dialogue.  Short dialogues prevail. In Europe “manga” have had a large diffusion and gradually it was introduced in the United States in the 19th century. Consequently,the spread and success of manga has led artists from all over the world to make comics inspired by the style, design and themes of Japanese manga. Various definitions have been proposed for these works, which fall within the more general definition of “global manga”. Can we say that a manga is a literary genre? No, it isn’t. It is a form of Japanese literature, just as much as the novel or short story, and it is just as entrenched in the Japanese cultural context.

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Simone Prezzavento


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