I have always liked the Queen. I can surely say that this is my favourite group.

They took me to play drums when I was only 3 years old. But now let me talk about them. The Queen formed in 1970. At first they were called “smile” and their members were: Roger Taylor on the drums, Brian May on the guitar and Tim Staffel on the bass and the voice. Later Tim Staffel left the band and Roger and Brian were forced to look for a new bass player and a singer. So one night in a pub, they met a very strange guy called Freddie Mercury. Mercury was born in India and his  real name was Farruk Bulshara. Mercury started singing for the group, but at first they hired Freddie and continued the search for the bass player.The auditions for the bassist began. Many players arrived and they were fashinated by one of them, John Deacon. He was a shy kid but he was very good with the bass. This is  story of how the band was formed. The band made many records and organized many tours all around theworld. Their songs, between hard rock and glam rock, were about feelings and they wanted to entertain, made people happy, rather than communicate some hidden message. They participated at live Aid. It was a live where all the most beloved artists of that time participated and the money from tickets or phone calls went to charity. Their live was held in June 1985 at the Wembley Stadium. There were more than 2 million people inside the stadium and over half a billion people followed the live on television. When the Queen started playing, the money for the charity increased and so did the phone calls and live views. 6 years later, Freddy Mercury dies for AIDS and in 1993 John Deacon left the band. The Queen are considered to be one of the biggest bands that has influenced  the world history music and Freddy Mercury is said to have been the greatest singer in our history. The Queen will always remain in our hearts and in my heart particularly, and their music will never be forgotten. They belong to our past, present and future history.

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Gabriele Conti


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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