Is it better to spend your free time playing an instrument or playing video games? A young musician talks about her experience.

In a world increasingly devoted to technology and progress, our desire to be together to share emotions gets more and more reduced to chatting on smartphones and playing together on online.

But how can we spend better our free moments, and how can we cultivate the emotions that each of us needs in order to grow harmoniously and become better adults?

In time of COVID 19, our certainties, our desires, our feelings, turn out to be as limited as our movements.

Locked at home to escape from an invisible enemy, most young people spend their free time on their PCs or smartphones, playing with friends and schoolmates, in the illusion of being able to find joy in the game, the same happiness and joy that only being physically together makes you feel. So you feel “gassed” with a win, you get nervous if the game does not end as you would like, you feel heroes if you manage to save the fate of the game; but those emotions, however strong they may seem, leave you with nothing when the game is over.Those red eyes, the blurred vision, the adrenaline in the body, leave inside a sense of emptiness and restlessness.

The virtual world has absorbed our desire to act, to grow, to be among others, to confront the real world outside.

I believe it is right to  play video games, but without persistence, so as not to risk getting entangled in the virtual network that limits the personal and social relationships of young people, and not only.

What could be the right alternative then?

The alternative to video games could be reading a good book, pursuing a hobby, singing to the notes of your favourite song, tidying up your room by reorganizing the spaces as you like, writing, being silent, or filling those silences with the notes of a musical instrument!

According to a study conducted by “Yamaha Music”, studying or simply playing a musical instrument has positive effects and brings benefits: it improves memory and concentration, acts as an anti-stress, improves self-esteem and the perception of your own and others’ emotions, makes you more sociable.

Moreover, studying music teaches the power of sacrifice and commitment as well as constancy and a sense of responsibility and discipline.

A young musician talk about about her experience:

“I’ve been studying the violin since I was a child, and I would be lying if I said that there haven’t been moments of discouragement, moments in which I wanted to abandon everything or throw my violin against the wall! But for every dark moment, for every tear, music has always rewarded me with moments of intense joy, happy moments, even if only for a perfectly successful beat after months and months of study.And then, that pure adrenaline that you unload on your instrument while performing a piece in public, when you just wanted to escape, or worse, give up…This is what happened to me during a music competition: I threw out of my body and my soul all the anxieties and fears that gripped my mind and fingers, to then give myself to others, giving emotions”.

This is exactly what we are talking about, pure emotions, sensations that make the soul vibrate and make you feel alive and part of this world.

Plato said that “Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything.”

“For all this and more, I have chosen to play my violin and, although Covid does not allow us to play together, to fill theatres, halls or houses, nothing and no one will ever prevent us from living our emotions, which help us to mature and grow! “

Music Vs Videogames? The result is clear: emotions win!

So, spread your wings, play and sing out loud to the life which, although difficult at times, deserves to be lived to the fullest!

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