The solitude of a room full of things: games, dolls, cell phones, computers, tablets, books, clothes, torn sheets, unread pages, all in a jumble, but with an unrevealed order.

The solitude of a room where smiles and laughter are hidden behind the fragile crystal door of our age. Life goes on marked by lessons behind a screen, by social relationships, online meetings, forgotten hugs, bombarded by news and words of mouth of which we do not know the sources and the truth.

The loneliness of a room, while the world slowly collapses, time flows calm and quiet, broken by the cries of pain for those who have not made it.

The loneliness of an age that tries to reflect itself in reality, a reality changed too quickly,which has left our hearts dismayed.

Too much loneliness in the smiles of those who have everything or perhaps nothing, gorged on technology.

Technology that helps us to communicate, study, work, visit, explore, meet and hang out with other people of whom you only know what you want to know and sometimes you only learn what you want to hear; all of this in a different, virtual reality; while Reality, in the long run, projects itself and merges into the virtual one, there is only a tenuous line that traces the division between truth and imagination.

Technology that, however, fails to fill the void that adolescents feel in their age of transformations, of silences, of heartbeat, of friendship, of the hours spent outside home to savour scraps of life; the age of exploring a world outside the family, away from parental control, which brings preparatory experiences to maturity, to becoming an adult.

Has the world forgotten us? No, it is just a moment marked by continuous beats and jolts of life that breathes and goes on; sighs that tell us that everything will be fine, that this broken time will be over and we will return to cultivate our dreams, our hopes, that we will be able to rebuild a world perhaps too distracted by work and selfish interests, to see the true values ​​that we want to rediscover: love, health, life, friendship, respect.

The solitude of a room that is no longer empty, but full of hope.

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Chiara Schinello


IV AL liceo linguistico Galilei Spadafora


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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