Can you imagine a person without memories? A writer said: “A man without memories is a man without past”. I agree with this idea and I think that none can live without memories. Can you drive a car without petrol? Our life without memories is nonsense. They come and go. Sometimes an object, a perfume, a moment or a sound bring us closer to a moment of our past life. Memories are our roots and define what we are. They reproduce important moments of our life and they are linked to an emozional load. Memories and emotion together create moments of sadness and happiness, because they are related to specific moments of our existence. For some people living in the past can result in the fear of the present and life’s challenges. Sometimes our past experiences give us a strong sensation of serenity and peace, but they are just brief moments. Positive memories have the power to restore our soil and recharge us with a good spirit in the present. Our desire is to relive a situation that has satisfied, excited and motivated us. The more we focus on the good things that have happened in life, the more we recharge our batteries with  positive energy . This energy not only makes us feel good, but also increases the chances of reacting more optimistically in the face of negative events. The value of memory is really high. Memories remain in the hearth and they represent our history, but let’s not keep them only in the heart but let’s transform them into suggestions for the present. We can easily say that memories help us to live.



Marraro Carmelo


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