Mattarella: president for a second time

On 29th January 2022, Italy had to face the election of the Italian Republic’s president, which takes place every 7 years. Groups, big voters, and leaders were in turmoil. And the name that bounced from mouth to mouth and in front of the notebooks was: Sergio Mattarella again!

The voices were true. Mattarella was confirmed President of the Italian Republic for a second time, obtaining 759 votes and being the second most voted ever in Italian history.

How elections are held

The president of the Republic represents the highest Italian institutional office.

He or she is elected by the two Chambers of Parliament plus three delegates per region. The vote is secret and a two-thirds majority is required. If this majority is not reached, a new vote takes place.

Mattarella’s career

The most important episode of Mattarella’s political career took place seven years ago, on 31st January 2015, when he was elected the 12th Italian Republic’s president with 665 votes. He was the first Sicilian to fill the role.

In his long career, he has held the position of minister for parliament, minister of education, vice president of the Council, minister of defense, and constitutional judge.

Biden’s congratulations to Mattarella

Joe Biden is an American politician, 46th president of the United States of America since 20th January 2021. He has recently congratulated Mattarella for the election: “I enjoyed our meeting in Rome last October and look forward to continuing our efforts to strengthen ties between the United States and Italy”. With these words posted on Twitter, Biden has expressed the desire for a future meeting with Mattarella.

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