Live a truly magical Harry Potter scene

Are you a fan of Harry Potter or simply a lover of adventure and you want to experience something different? This article has the answer for you!

Why don’t you book a tour on the Jacobite Express in Scotland? A ride in Harry Potter’s “Hogwarts Express” is definitely one of the best activities to do during your life. You will ride the steam train used in Harry Potter movies. 

The train departs twice a day and costs around 30 pounds per adult in standard class and 55 in first class. Inside it, you will enjoy a lot of comforts and there is also a really great catering service that offers fresh drinks and even special wizard treats!

The journey lasts 4 hours and goes from Fort William to Mallaig and back: it is considered to be the most fantastic train journey in the world, especially for the sight of the beautiful Scottish natural landscape. But I leave you the judgment based on your experience…

If you’re interested, you have to know that, due to its huge popularity, you should book your ticket several weeks or even months in advance to be guaranteed to have a seat. 

If you don’t get in time to book your ticket, don’t worry! Lots of tourists every year reunite at the impressive viaduct in Glenfinnan a touristic village in Scotland. You’ll probably wonder why…well you may even see the Jacobite Express if you are there at the right time!

In fact, the train crosses the bridge every morning at around 10.30, and in the afternoon at around 15h; tourists rush to the viewpoint as the train arrives and sounds its horn.

I hope you have enjoyed this description and have interested in trying it one day!

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