Let’s take our life back!

After more than two years, the state of emergency for the Covid-19 pandemic finally will come to a conclusion on 1st April in Italy, putting an end to many of the preventive measures applied so far. We will slowly try to return again to our normal life, made up of visible smiles, not hidden by masks, of authentic hugs and not  just virtual ones, of true interpersonal relationships instead of the usual messages.

It has been a tough time that has tested our tenacity, shattered the hope of overcoming difficulties and required a greater sense of responsability to each of us.

In these last two years, I have learned to appreciate things we gave little importance to before such as the usefulness of technology for study, work and social relationships, the indispensable role of family, the value of friendship made of little physical presence but a lot of emotional closeness, the need for freedom and, finally, the discovery of nature and free spaces.

However, the pandemic has fuelled our insecurities due to social isolation, confinement at home, lack of friendly relations and economic problems resulting from the crisis in the country. Perhaps we will emerge stronger and more ready to face the dangers of other possible pandemics, but it cannot be denied that we are all tested by the radical changes that covid has brought to our lives. Now that the emergency is over, I think that life should gradually return normal over the next few months, resuming rhythms and behaviors similar to those conducted before the pandemic.

Soon there will be no more bans and restrictive measures, but as the virus still circulates, it will be necessary to continue to be cautious and vigilant. Who knows…maybe we will learn to live with the virus and everything will become just a bad memory.

The first things I will do is to take a nice vacation with my parents, enjoy a summer full of meetings with friends and recover many  lost opportunities, resuming my favourite activities and my hobbies. It is right that everyone now takes their life back.

So, let’s smile at summer….obsiously without masks!

Corica Dario  2D

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Dario Corica


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.

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