The Netflix series entitled “La casa di carta” in Italian, or “Money Heist” in English, is originally known as “La casa de papel”, as it is in fact a Spanish television series conceived initially  by  “Antena 3” and later distributed on the Netflix platform.  “La Casa di Carta” is an action, dramatic, sentimental and detective series: the story develops over the course of 48 episodes, each of which can vary from 48 to 67 minutes; all these episodes then make up the 5 seasons that create this extraordinary story.  The plot of the story is based on a criminal (the professor) who has a plan to put in act the biggest robbery in history, a robbery to be carried out at the Royal Mint of Spain;  and to implement his plan and be able to achieve his goals, he recruits eight people who have nothing to lose, thus creating “the band of the Dali mask” or “the band of the red suits”. But the whole story is not based only on this robbery: in the second part of the series there will then be a second robbery which will see the entry of several other characters and the death of other, and which will lead to an ending that none of the followers of the series would never have imagined.  The characters of this series are distinguished from those of other series, both for their clothing, the Dali mask and the red suit, and for the originality of their names: in fact, each character of the gang of thieves is associated with the name of a city, which in the course of story will prove to be important to understand the various dynamics.  This is a series that I have loved right from the start, I have seen it several times and each time I like it more and more. It is a series that I really recommend; it  intrigues you, intrigues you and pushes you to love it.  “La Casa di Carta” will always have a part in my heart!


Molino Elisa Pia 2D

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Elisa Pia Molino


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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