Alongside bullying, have you ever heard of cyberbullying? This is the name of all those acts of bullying and harassment that are carried out using the new means of communication: cell phone, chat, forum, e-mail, etc. And being a victim of this type of violence means being trapped in situations that can be very scary and from which you often don’t know how to get out: it is not at all pleasant, as well as being very dangerous, so you have to pay close attention when “cyber – we communicate “.

But then should we perhaps stop using the internet and telephone to communicate and have fun with our friends? Absolutely not, because in order not to risk getting trapped in an episode of cyberbullying, it is simply necessary to always be very careful when online and, above all, it is good to know what you can do and what not to do when using the new ones. technologies to communicate In this regard, we will better explain what the phenomenon of cyberbullying consists of giving you some tips to become more aware of the risks you can run and how to know how to deal with them.

There are various types of acts that fall within the definition of cyberbullying: an example that occurs more and more frequently is the sending of messages, through the internet or mobile phone, with vulgar, violent, offensive or derogatory content. Sometimes it can be a trivial joke from a friend, but other times the joke is too heavy to laugh about. So, if you happen to receive this type of message through text messages, e-mails or other, remember not to reply to the message, you would only encourage the bully to continue.

The publication of private information belonging to another person is also part of cyberbullying. Therefore, you must be very careful when entering personal data on the internet. These data reveal a lot about us, about our identity. The same goes for videos and photos that portray ourselves or our friends. All this set of information, once put online, is difficult to control. Anyone can become aware of that information, get hold of it and use it, if necessary, to harass or threaten you. Obviously not all those who are on the internet are potential cyberbullies, but we must also keep in mind that on the internet it is easy to pretend to be someone else, inventing age or physical characteristics different from the real ones.

This can be done both by those who have illicit intentions, as well as by those who are simply shy, and would like, in this way, to hide in the virtual world to experience a different “reality”, perhaps a better one. But remember that this is not the right way to deal with problems; talking face to face with people can give you pleasant and unexpected moments, it is better to face your fears and shyness.

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