Jalari is a natural museum park that is located on the Peloritani mountains, a few kilometres from my town, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina) and its panorama, clearly visible from one of its most magical places, that is the “terrace on infinity”, overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. This place is unique throughout its area and not only on a structural level but also on an emotional side thanks to the great history that is behind its realization. The idea was born from the dream of three siblings: Mariano, Salvatore and Fortunata Pietrini, who one day gave life to this great natural site rich in statues, buildings and a lot of traditions. Mariano Pietrini was the sculptor of the numerous statues that we find inside the avenues (each dedicated to a specific theme) depicting subjects of history, mythology, but also simple people, such as of the father embracing sleeping children at night. Each of these works then tells a storyor  a legend that cannot but enter the heart of each visitor. It is not by chance that the park takes the name of Jalari which in Arabic means “shining stone” precisely because these stones help us to discover the origins of our land and our antiquity, but also to live many emotions and to leave us a deep moral message. Together with the statues we find  numerous architectural structures and  many shops idealized and built by Salvatore Pietrini. All the shops scattered along the avenues of the park from the beginning to the end has got a great importance. Each of them represents the work of the past, from the grocer to the shopkeeper,  to the barber or the carpenter but also to the simple house of a peasant; they are so many the works represented  that they can count in the complex approximately 15.000 objects exhibited in the various shops. In addition to the beauty of  these shops reproduction, we should add that they help us  to never forget our past, our fathers, our ancient traditions that unfortunately there aren’t any more. In addition to the statues and workshops we also find the olive grove, the vineyard, a recreation room, a conference room and a farm where traditional dishes are served, all produced by the agri-bio farm of the park. But one of the most evocative places is the so-called “ball of desires”; this is precisely a structure in the shape of a sphere in which you can enter and expressing a wish while your echo voice roars all over the park. As one of the creators says, Salvatore: “Jalari was born from the anger, pride and love that every Sicilian person carries inside, aware of the beauty and potential of his/her land” and we can only agree with him. In fact, each of us, beyond a visit that we could also call a trip, goes home deep changed because in addition to being dazzled by the beauty and authenticity that this place embodies, It changes in each one its own being because of this spiritual journey that brings us into another world made of deep bonds such as love, discovery to their own land and change of mind. All these emotions can’t be explained to anyone who’s never had an an experience so deep, but for those who did, we just have to thank these three siblings, two brothers and one sister, who with so much sacrifice, commitment, work always commanded by love, have given life to their dream giving us a unique place.

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Serena Siracusa


3A Liceo Classico


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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