Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players  face each other to score with a ball in the opposing basket, according to many fixed rules and with a score that varies from the shooting position.

He was born in Springfield in 1891, thanks to the idea of James Naismith, Canadian physician and physical education teacher. Since the end of the 19th century, basketball has spread worldwide, thanks to the propaganda activity of the International Basketball Federation, founded in 1932. It is an Olympic sport since the 11th Olympics, which was held in Berlin in 1936. 

 Basketball, like all sports, allows the aggregation between people as well as having benefits on a psychophysical level. Children love action and basketball is unique as there is a lot of action and different game dynamics. Compared to most other sports, players are immediately and constantly involved in playing with in an environment where there is a lot of activity. Unlike many other sports, basketball requires kids to play both offense and defense.

What happens, instead of watching the few elected try to score and be the absolute protagonists, in basketball on the contrary, everyone has the opportunity to make a basket and become a star for a moment , this happens more in the matches of the youth teams, here the roles are indistinct and the athlete gets to do everything. Every guy has an improvement in their level of physicality in their game. Basketball brings an improvement to the physique surprisingly, increasing their awareness of themselves and their abilities with an increase in their security.

In the place where I live (Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Messina) basketball has got a strong tradition with a powerful team of players. Born here in the ‘70s, this sport  has made our city famous troughout the nation. Certainly the most successful period was that of 2009-2010, which saw the return of basketball Barcellona in the second national series after 10 years of absence. After a period of incertainty, it seems that basketball in our city is recovering, thanks to the Ursa, a satellite company born in 2017 militant for the 2018-2019 season in Serie C.

We hope our team could be successful again above all after this dark period because of Covid-19 Pandemic!

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