What makes the world a better place? There are a lot of things and  one of them is gender equality. 

Today, this is a serious problem because  many women have been  killed, but this isn’t the only problem. Women have been  more discriminated in all areas during this pandemic, for example, a lot of researchers were discrimated because men are more than women.  

Fortunately, many are doing something to solve this problem, for example Ferrari created the certificate “Equal-Salary” which guarantees the same salary for  men and women. What do you think? What would you do to delete gender difference?

I think that in 2021 this shouldn’t be happening and when I hear  a woman has been  killed on TV or that today there is gender difference I am amazed. Fortunately in my city, I  have never heard of episodes where women have been  killed or discriminated but in some  nearby city this issue occurs  frequently. I hope we can find a solution to  this problem soon. 

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