How would our daily lives change if COVID 19 suddenly ended?

The world is still living in a health emergency situation today. This virus has led us not only to a critical situation within hospitals but also economically. In fact, there are more than 35 million people in working poverty. The continuous and harsh restrictions are causing a significant increase in numerous problems also on a psychological level, such as depression, drug use, suicides, and above all domestic violence, which has led to the increase in femicide. So it’s inevitable to say that this pandemic is changing each individual’s life in a completely negative way.

But have you ever thought about what life would become if covid suddenly ended? Do you think everything will come back as before?

I bet many of you haven’t thought about it yet. Well, I have, even a lot… because in these two years my life has changed… I have changed… my habits, my interests have changed. Being locked in the room for many days, months, made me live a deep period of depression and the situation at home was not so lively, the relationship with my family was destroyed. I felt like I was in a cage alone, with my thoughts, trying to raise my mood, watching TV series or movies, or even reading books, because unfortunately, I found myself alone

… nobody asked me for a simple “how are you?”, “ What are you doing?”. . I suppose many teenagers have spent a period like this and continue to experience it as a continuous loop that never stops … this situation has taken away fundamental pieces from each of us, many have lost family members, work, and many others their identity.

Do you think life will ever come back as before?

As far as I’m concerned I think we could never go back, we certainly can’t change the past, we can only hope for a better future. In any case, I believe that this situation has taught us a lot, for example, to live with ourselves and to know each other better, but also to appreciate every moment and don’t take anything for granted … but think of the quote “everything will be okay”, I know that many of you are tired of hearing it because it never seems to end, but keep hoping, because at the end of the tunnel the light will come out, and it will be truly wonderful. therefore I want to advise you not to be discouraged, but to do your best to find serenity within yourselves and to be able to have a better present and future.

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Nadia Chahed



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