On February 14th is celebrated Valentines’s Day in every part of the world. In Italy, this day is both the feast of lovers and the feast of those people who have the name of Valentino. On this day is tradition to give our lover a gift. Red is the colour of love and the red heart is its symbol. Traditions and curiosities are everywhere.

Terni, for example, in the north of Italy is the city of San Valentino par excellence and people invoke the saint as the patron and protector of its citizens.

In Padua (Pd)a celebration dedicated to children takes place inside the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi in which blessed keys are given, a symbol of family love and protection against childhood diseases.

Rome is the symbol of love and the perfect destination for those lovers who want to live a fantastic lovely day. It is possible toh ave dinner under the moon, or walking along the Tevere river, or enjoying the wonderful view of the Eternal city.

But if you want to kiss to your lover in a romantic place, Verona is the city of love. Its the city of Romeo and Juliet and the city of the eternal love. People go there and exchange a passionate kiss under the famous balcony.

And in the other part of the world?

In South Corea, Valentine’s Day is associated with the White Day. In this day girls give chocolate to guys they are interested in. If the boy is interested, after a month, he returns the gift. But on April 14 there is the Black Day : a day in which all those who are not engaged meet for a dinner and talk about their “sentimental bad luck.

In Ireland, the feast is associated to the gaelic tradition of wearing a ring with the heart held by two hands: depending on how it is oriented it means “single” or “committed.

In China, this festival has its origins in the legend of Zhinü and Niulang (Zhinü was the daughter of a divinity and a shepherd who lived 2600 years ago). The story resembles that of  Romeo and Juliet and men bring flowers and chocolates to women.

In the United States, the celebrations involve the whole family, because Valentine’s Day is the celebration of ” those who love each other ” and not just those in a couple. Children are also very involved in this party because they prepare cards and sweets that they exchange with parents, teachers and classmates.

In England, flowers and chocolates are exchanged, but above all the famous love cards in the shape of a heart are given to the person concerned called ” Valentine “. According to the tradition, the sender is anonymous so that there is suspense upon receiving the message and makes the moment even sweeter.

In France, the traditions are similar to ours. This day is celebrated with little gifts, dinner and a romantic walk near the Eiffel Tower or along the Seine.

Love, love and love…

Whatever your way of celebrating …

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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