Gas Shortage

Due to the Russians military invasion of Ukraine the UE can’t import any more gas from Russia, Organization worldwide including environmental Grus Green peace and, has called for a ban on Russian energy imports. This is a great problem for the EU because the member states import from Russia a great percentage of their total supplies of gas, for example countries like Italy are very heavily dependent on Russian gas, or for example nations like Germany that Import from Russia the 50% of the nation’s gas supplies, gives to Russia $700 million a day.

So the EU can not cut all relations with Russia because the economy of the heavily dependent country would be destroyed. In order to avoid the collapse of the economy, the member states have to find a common solution, to become self-sufficient from Russia. But right now it isn’t possible because the EU hasn’t got the resources that can fill the gap that would have cut relations with Russia. The main way that the states want to develop in order to fill the gap is renewable energy.

But renewable sources can not cover the demand right now, so in the short term the member nations have to diversificate. Instead in the long term EU can develop technology to be self-sufficient, like nuclear fusion plants or made more productive renewable energy,so the UE can act freedomly without the fears to be blackmailed by other authoritarian states.

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Giuseppe Giulio Corapi


IIIA Liceo Scientifico di Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)


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