Gagliano is a small village in Sicily. It is located in the province of Enna and it is also the town where I live.

Gagliano is also famous for the history of its castle. To the name Gagliano is also added Castelferrato, that is “iron castle”, because the castle of Gagliano was considered impregnable as it was resistant to all invasions by the Arabs. In the castle still present today is the famous “False Door”; you may wonder why it is famous. The False Door is famous because it was of vital importance to win against enemies, in fact the inhabitants of Gagliano pretended to pass through the False Door, so the enemies would follow them, but with one difference: the inhabitants of Gagliano knew that the False Door led to a precipice, instead, the enemies did not know that. So, thanks to this, Gagliano remains an “iron castle”.

Even now, many inhabitants of Gagliano try the intrepid adventure of climbing the whole castle (also called “Rocca”) all the way to the top, but so far only a few have succeeded in this feat. Once I also tried to climb the castle with my relatives, but we did not climb to the top because it was too strenuous.

Gagliano, in addition to the castle, is also famous for the Festival of Mustard which is usually celebrated in October. Mustard is a sweet made from prickly pear juice and flour, usually during the festival it is produced by the older inhabitants and distributed to the people.

Another important holiday in Gagliano is the feast of the patron saint, San Cataldo. It is celebrated on the last three days of August in which musical and singing events are organized. The last day ends with a concert, a famous singer comes to Gagliano and we can listen to his songs in the square.

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