Frah Quintale: the artist who has made millions of teens fall in love in Italy.

With this article I want to start a column: writer’s music choice, a series of articles where I speak about the music artists I like and I want to recommend to the readers of this website. Today I’m talking about Frah Quintale, a thirty two year old indie music songwriter from Italy. Quintale debuted in 2006 with the duo “Fratelli Quintale”. He made his debut as a soloist in 2016 with the song “Colpa del vino” and “2004”. In 2017 he went out with the single “Cratere”, one of his most famous works.

What made Frah work just right? 

I think that Frah Quintale’s style of songwriting is not unique, but it’s likeable to everyone, because in his songs he talks about broken relationships and love in a way that is suitable for everyone. 

So he has quickly become the artist whose songs are often dedicated to the loved ones all over Italy. 

Writer’s choice. 

And now, what are my favourite Frah Quintale’s songs and who are they for? First and Foremost my favourite one :

“8 miliardi di persone”. 

Why do I like this song? 

For me it’s just perfect: the melody, the lyrics, the way the studio version is sung, it is a mixture of emotions that will lead you into a circle of “good sadness”, and makes you want to search for your soul mate, which is what the writer is trying to say through the lyrics.

I recommend this song to those who have just come out of a relationship or have a crush on someone. 

And now other songs I like and I would like to recommend: 

Nei treni la notte”

This song is really beautiful, it talks about the exasperation of being always in the same place, and trying to do something funny at night, to spend summer nights in a small town. The dose of love is also present, maybe the artist wanted to say that living in the same town as his ex is not easy, or perhaps it talks about what they did when they were together. One of the best parts of this song is the drop that starts its climax at minute 1:46. 

I vividly recommend this song to those people who live in a small provincial town and dream about escaping and going abroad. 

Sabato nel parco.”

This song has such a nice vibe, it talks about a sunny saturday in a Park somewhere in Milan, if you listen to it on a sunny day it can really set your day for good.

Who do I recommend this song to? I recommend this song to those who don’t know what to listen to on a sunny day, maybe during a trip, its vibe can become the happiness of someone. 

Si ah”

This is one of Frah’s songs that make you shiver the most. It talks about spending the night with someone you love, having fun and trying to cook while not succeeding. 

I recommend this song to those who want to set up a calm mood and chill out on the couch, alone or with someone, if you want to go easy on everything, this is the right song for you. 

Gli occhi”

This songs is just about a bad break up with a girl. The artist is saying that he loved the time that he spent with this girl, but that he screw up everything, and now that girl is gone, but I think that the hidden meaning of this song is that moving on is always the right choice, although hard. 

Final thoughts. 

In general I recommend Frah Quintale to anyone who is a romantic and maybe is trying to find the right person or, why not, to those who have already found that person and want to set up a mood, and finally to those who have unfortunately lost their someone for a reason or another. .

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