In Italy, finally, after eight sessions, the president of the republic was elected. Again Sergio  Mattarella.

09 February 2022

Every seven years in Italy there is the election for the President of the Italian Republic. The last President from 2015 to 2022 was Sergio Mattarella.

For the new election of 2022, concluded on the 29th of January, Sergio  Mattarella had said that he didn’t want to be elected again as a President.

The elections started on the 24th of January in the Italian  Parliament with the two chambers together. All the procedures, of course, are governed by the Italian Constitution where there is an important article that concerns the elections:

-Article 85 of the Constitution, “The president of the Chamber of Deputies convenes the Parliament and the regional delegates in joint session to elect the new President of the Republic”

The principal names proposed for the elections were Sergio Mattarella, Carlo Nordio, a retired magistrate, Nino Di Matteo, a famous still working magistrate, and Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, the present President of the Senate Chamber

Up to the fifth session, there wasn’t a favorite candidate, but for this session, Carlo Nordio had 382 votes. The members of Parliament throughout all the meetings till then had been taking time to find an agreement and elect a suitable candidate for the various parties, but after such a long time they anyway didn’t find anybody else and they chose again Sergio Mattarella.

For the good of the nation in such a difficult period and thanks to his great sense of responsibility, he accepted the assignment with 759 votes, entering Italian history as the third president with the highest percentage of votes, 77,20%. His assignment will end in February 2029. Our best wishes, President Mattarella! Welcome back!

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