FIFA World Cup is the most famous sporting event in the world and attracts millions of spectators.

The sporting manager Jules Rimet created the World Cup in 1930; since that time the competition is held every four years, except during the World War II when it was interrupted.

The competition consists of 32 national teams which play in the selected nation.

Up to now the FIFA World Cup has been played in 17 countries, in particular twice in France, Italy, Brasil, Germany and Mexico.

In 2022 the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar and in 2026 other Countries will take part in the competition, with a total of 48 nations.

In 2026 for the first time the competition will be played simultaneously in three countries: Canada, the Usa and Mexico.

FIFA World Cup is a competition between the world’s best players, like Ronaldo, Messi and so on.

It is the most prestigious football tournament and the most watched in the world televisions, even more than the Olympic Games.

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