Everybody has at last once asked why boys and girls take drugs. The simplest answer, and pehaps the truest, is to escape, escpae from society, form family, from problems and from the world. Nearly always end in a disaster. Before drugs appare in the western world, these ways of escaping esiste, but they were different: running away from family and home, protesting against everything or even leading life in the streets. With drugs these escapes are much simpler for them. An injection is enough,or even a cigarette, and your mind enters another world, you forget so many things and you feel well for some hours. It seems strange that in our present world, full of comfort, of money and important discoveries, there are still so many people who prefer to take drugs. They believe that the beautiful things in our society are only apparent and that behind the welfare and the happiness there  is something like a continuous boredom, a need to escape. For them drugs are a way to forget, to do something great. Today, in our world of appearances to take drugs may also be a fashion, a habit of doing what everybody else does. Most of them start taking drugs to imitate their friends, so as not to be left out. Of course, a person who seeks such ways of escaping is hardly ever mature or intelligent enough. I think that they do non under stand what the advantages ans the disadvantages of drugs may be. Drugs are seen as a miraculous remedy which may heal everything magically in a few second. But when the effect ends, they regret it and they would like to go back. But how can they go back to that world they hate and from which they runa way in such disperate way? And then they look for another drug, hoping perhaps that it will be the last one.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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