Can a wonderful bag or simply a jewel make people happy? It’s a well-known fact that material possessions don’t ultimately make us happy and there are a number of reasons for this.  We live in a society where people prefer going shopping rather than going to a cultural event. But why people become so obsessed with material possessions? Material possessions are more than a simple object. Clothes, furniture, cars, but even a particular and expensive style of living belong to that category.

Let’s go over the main reasons we feel people become obsessed with material possessions:

  1. Improving their own self-image.
  2. Expecting material possessions to boost their social status.
  3. Competition amongst family, friends and peers.
  4. Shopping & buying things is a thrill.
  5. Thinking that possessions will be what brings them happiness.
  6. Influence of family.
  7. Coping with or combating the fear of our own mortality.

Most of us are obsessed of what the other people think of us. So they want to be seen cool, trendy and successful. It’s normal for them to buy luxury-brand car, or brand-name clothes. These people consider things to be more important than people and relationships. They spend most of their time acquiring those things and as a result, experience failed relationships, deteriorating health and sometimes they are victims of depression and even hopelessness.According to some people, material possession is just a “instant gratification”, something that gives people only a short moment of happiness and which soon fades away and once it happens, you no longer feel attached to those things; in fact, at times you start feeling depressed and sad. To determine whether some material possessions are important in your life, you need to draw a line between needs and wants. Anything that you don’t need and can’t afford is not important. It’s not easy to understand it and sometimes they are strictly together. That’s why is important to categorize things as important and unimportant and make an important selection. We often waste money on things we simply don’t need. A famous journalist said: “True wealth is more than money and material possessions” and I agree with her consideration. Even if I believe that material possessions can not give me happiness, there are things I could not do without. My smartphone, for example. It’s really important for me!I believe that happiness and misery have a measure of relativity. The way to appreciate things in life is never to allow ourselves to get so used to them.

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Mariapia Zummo


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